REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

Olivia Browne

I got Dolly from Christina in 2022 and can’t imagine my life without her now! She is the sweetest, cuddliest dog and so, so good. She is an absolute genius when it comes to training which has allowed us to trust each other and have fun on adventures! You can tell how much love goes into breeding these beautiful dogs and they really are beautiful — Dolly can’t walk more than a few minutes without someone telling us how gorgeous she is, how shiny her coat is, how great her ears look etc.! She is such a well bred dog and whenever I am ready for another Doberman, I will contact Spumanti.

REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

Allison Manzanet

We purchased Iconic (formally Sparkle) from Spumanti almost exactly a year ago, and she has been such a blessing to have! As a sport dog family, it was important to us to select a dog that was not only structurally & behaviorally sound, but who knew how to turn it on when it’s time to get to work. Iconic is up for whatever task we throw at her with a smile (literally)! She loves agility, fast CAT, dock diving, and more. Christina made the entire experience comfortable and welcoming from the start. We could not recommend her enough!!
REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

The Yagjian Family

When looking for our dream Doberman, working with Spumanti was the best decision we could have ever made. Christina was exactly what we were looking for when it came to health, bloodlines, etiquette, standards, and professionalism. Being raised in the world of Doberman breeding, Christina takes extreme pride in preserving the Doberman standard, and keeping her dogs as healthy as possible. Our dog Sunshine is constantly being praised for her amazing temperament, intelligence, and beauty. Our family is constantly voicing to one another how grateful we are for this dog’s beautiful DNA, she is truly a love! As Bostonians, we will travel to FL to see Christina for every future Doberman, she is simply the best of the best.

Bought 2023

Boston, MA

REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

Kora Jones

I had been searching high and low for an American Doberman puppy and found it was a difficult search. Finally, I came across Spumanti Dobermans and I knew I had found my dream puppy. My puppy has been absolutely amazing; learns commands very fast, has a beautiful, shiny coat, has great health. I am so happy with my puppy and best friend!

REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

Sarah Bruno

My husband and I got our third Doberman (red in photo) from Spumanti Dobermans last April. We decided to get our third boy after ours suddenly passed away from DCM. I was a little apprehensive at first to get a new puppy but Atlas is a blessing! He is the sweetest and most beautiful boy. My husband and I love him more than words can express. He has an amazing temperament, he’s smart, sweet, and great with other dogs/people. We are so happy and grateful that we found Spumanti and highly recommend this breeder. You can tell they care so much about their dogs and treat them like royalty which translates into amazing, well-tempered dogs. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

Jess C.

After researching Doberman breeders throughout Florida, Christina stood out. She’s extremely knowledgeable and her love for the Doberman breed is impressive. She stays involved even after the sale and if you let her, throughout their lifetime. She provided an abundance of information, from feeding instructions, breed information, do’s and don’t's, health records, copies of health testing, as well as aftercare expertise in cropped ears; where she even rewrapped my pups ears for me the entire time. She recognized Marleys traits and picked him to fit our home with an energetic growing toddler, which has been an absolute delight watching them grow up together. Marley has the same energy as my 6-year-old and cares for her and myself with the softest heart. I receive so many compliments on Marleys physique, the shininess and softness of his coat, and his behavior. I’m so happy I came across Christina, very trustworthy and she has become an amazing friend as well.

Bought in 2022

Port Orange, Fl

REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

Allison Guernsey

Spumanti Doberman is a wonderful breeder of beautiful Dobermans. We found Christina quick to respond and willing to assist us with helpful information and care for all things “puppy” related. Her dedication, knowledge, experience and love for this marvelous breed is impressive. Our puppy is beautiful, intelligent, healthy and has a wonderful temperament. We are grateful to Spumanti Dobermans for this extraordinary pet and newest member of our family.
- Chief’s Family

REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

Frank A.

Driving from Miami to Central Florida to get my amazing male Doberman puppy from Christina was an absolute delight! Christina’s expertise and passion for breeding were evident at every step. Her commitment to the well-being of the dogs is truly commendable. The journey was not just about getting a new furry family member; it was an experience marked by clear communication, transparency, and genuine care. Christina’s dedication to producing healthy and happy Dobermans truly sets her apart. My heart is full of gratitude for the joy my new pup brings, and I wholeheartedly recommend Christina to anyone seeking a top-notch Doberman breeder.

Frank A.
Miami, FL

REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

Wave Fredericks

We purchased our Doberman puppy December 2023 from Christina at Spumanti Dobermans and we could not be any happier!!  From the moment we first contacted Christina, we knew we were in good hands. She was open, informative, and genuinely cared about her dogs. We were provided with comprehensive care instructions and she was always available for any follow-up questions. When we picked our puppy up he was healthy, happy, and well-socialized. It’s clear that Christina is committed to the well-being of her dogs and the satisfaction of her customers. Once again, we couldn’t be happier and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful Doberman puppy.

-Wave & Stef Fredericks Dec’2023

New York

REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

Evan Georgopoulos


We have an incredible dog thanks to Spumanti. Our 65lb 2yr young Nova is great with our baby. We live in the city and as long as she gets a little run in she is chilled, sweet, and protective at home. Shes the most well behaved dog at the park. When we picked up Nova she was already wise and well behaved. She is the perfect size for us, and has been super healthy thus far. We had a positive experience picking up the dog at 12 weeks, and saw how much Christina and crew looked out for the dogs best interest. Had a lot of respect for that.We absolutely baby’ed this dog from the start, and don’t have any regrets. Looking forward to getting another at some point.

Bought 2022

Boston, MA

REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

Jos Lenaerts

Lucifer is my second male Doberman. That’s why I thought that I knew exactly what I was gonna get. Of course I forgot that, just like with humans, every dog has his own personality.
Lucifer is a real velcro dog, something most Dobermans are known for. He lives full time inside our home, which is no problem at all. We have a huge yard in which he loves to wander around. He’s trained in Belgian Mondial Dogsport and is doing great. He’s not the easiest dog to work with, because he’s always super excited to work. You can check his facebook Luci Dober to see him at work.
But he’s not only a good work dog, he’s also extremely good looking. Every day again when I look at him, I fall in love again.
I am so happy that I came across Spumanti and Christina at the right moment.
For everyone who is uncertain of where to buy your new puppy, I can confirm that Spumanti won’t disappoint.
Christina’s standard is high, as it should, and her dobies are just great. Vulgrim is Lucifer’s brother. You can’t go wrong with him.
This bloodline is great in obedience and show. Good luck.

Bought in 2019

Florida + Belgium

REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

Amy S.

I have known Christina for a lot of years and she takes pride in her dogs and the breeding choices that she makes. I have two male dogs one is eight years old and the other one just turned two and they are both beautiful, strong Dobermans. I have continued to watch and see the same level of breeding and care with all of the new dogs that she has, which is a top-notch top rate place if you’re looking for a great doberman with great aftercare once you pick up that dog, Christina with Spumanti Dobermans is the girl to choose. 

Bought in 2016 and in 2022.

Amy S.

Daytona Beach, Florida

REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

Stralko Family

We are so happy we found Spumanti Dobermans in January 2022. We knew that if we decided to have a purebred dog, the ethics and knowledge of the breeder had to be top tier. Our first conversation with Christina was positive and she asked just as many questions as we did to understand if a doberman would be the best fit for our family. The application process was in depth and I could tell that she does a great job vetting out people before accepting them and pairing them to a dog. We picked up Odin in late February and have loved him ever since. He is intelligent, well mannered and is gentle with kids. He always receives compliments on his build and coat which is a true testament to the breeding standards. Our veterinarian said that he had an “athlete’s heart” and is very healthy. I recommend Spumanti to anyone that is debating on getting a doberman. We hope to get Odin a sister in the next year or two! 

Stralko Family


REVIEWS. Spumanti Dobermans

The King Family

To all who may be deciding on buying a doberman, We recommend Spumanti Dobermans!! My family and I were referred by a friend, after we told them it’s been a dream of ours to have a doberman. The owners Christina and Paul are wonderful breeders, and even better people! Starting off theres a thorough process they have in place, to make sure that the families inquiring are ready and in the best place to buy the puppy. Did I mention they’re show AKC breeders, just something we brag about. What we loved the most, is that they put they needs of the doberman first. Ensuring that every puppy is placed in the best homes, but once your in you become family. They’re always there to answer any questions, and assist in the transition. We can on and on about these wonderful individuals, and about they way they care for each and every doberman. This has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for our family! You should definitely look em up!! 
- Sincerely The King Family 

New Smyrna Beach, Florida