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To contact me, fill out the contact form on the website and I will answer you as soon as possible. Call me or Text if you have urgent questions. If you are inquiring about puppies please read below.


Q & A

Before reaching out to us please submit these questions to us with your answers. To do this highlight, copy and paste this with your answers in the comment form up above. We look forward to seeing if a Doberman is the right fit for you and your family.

  1. First and Last Name?
  2. Where are you located?
  3. If not in Florida are you willing to drive or fly to pick up your Doberman in person?
  4. Have you ever owed a Doberman?
  5. What type of Doberman are you looking for Pet, Show, or Obedience?
  6. How many animals live in your house (list breed if a dog, sex, altered or not, and age)?
  7. Who lives in your house (list all people), ages and sex (how they are related to you)?
  8. What type of house do you have townhouse, apartment, condo etc? 
  9. Do you own, rent, lease, or live with someone else?
  10. What type of yard do you have fenced, not fenced, dog park, walking, etc?
  11. What Doberman would you like sex male or female, red/rust or black/rust (list in order your choice of what you’d like to own if only one choice list only that)?
  12. Do you have a trainer you have worked with in the past (If no trainer list trainers you have looked up and might use on your new doberman)?
  13. Do you have a veterinarian (If no current vet list an old vet you have used) list phone number and location?
  14. Why do you want a Doberman?
  15. How do you feel about crate training your Doberman?
  16. Have you ever posted ears before (You will post till about 7-8 months of age of the puppy or till the K9 adult teeth come fully in?
  17. Have you ever owned a purebred dog?
  18. If no, what made you decide to get one this time?
  19. List two people as recommendations. Vet, Trainer, Previous Breeder, etc these make good recommendations. No friends or family?
  20. All puppies leave with ears cropped, tails docked and dewclaws done we don’t offer any other choices as this is how the breed is meant to be per the standard. (If you’re not wanting this we recommend getting a different breed).

Now copy and paste this in the comment form and submit your answers to us.

We will reach out to you if we have questions.

-Spumanti Dobermans